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Painting of St. Peter’s Church, Templeport, Bawnboy, Co. Cavan


St. Peter’s Church, Templeport Lake, Bawnboy,Co. Cavan

My uncle David Seamer who lives in England painted this picture of St. Peter’s Church and Templeport Lake from a photo we sent over. We love it, he even put our house in the picture, just to the left of the Church.

Monday the 1st of August is the annual boat trip to St. Mogue’s Island on the lake, there is always a large crowd and I think from the picture a person can see why people love to come to the shores of Templeport Lake. More information on Bawnboy, Templeport and St. Mogue can be found on www.bawnboy.com


Bawnboy and Templeport Local Genealogical and Historical Data

Bawnboy and Templeport Local Genealogical and Historical Data

The 1901 and 1911 census of Ireland has created enormous intrest in genealogy in Ireland, but local Genealogical and Historical websites are also helping people to find information on their ancestors.

One such site is Bawnboy.com this sites contains a treasure trove of information on the people who lived in Bawnboy and Templeport  in the years gone by.

On its page Bawnboy and Templeport Local Genealogical and Historical Data you can find information on: Templeport Baptisms 1836-1920, Templeport & Bawnboy Poll book 1761, Graveyard Headstones Inscriptions St. Peter’s Church Templeport……plus much more. This site  will be of great help for people near and far to research their family tree. 

Snow Scenes – Lake Avenue House Dec 2010

Beautiful snow scenes at Lake Avenue House, St. Peter’s Church and Templeport Lake, County Cavan-December 2010

Snow at Templeport Lake

Beautiful photo taken by one of our neighbours of Templeport Lake with St. Peter’s Church and Lake Avenue House B&B in the background. That is me and the kids at the lake shore checking to see if the lake is frozen over.

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