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Irish Wild Flowers

Wild Irish Flowers

The Wild Orchid can be found in the Cavan Hedgerows at the moment. They don’t grow in large numbers but  with their bright pink colour they are very pretty and easy to spot among the bluebells and primroses. 

Wild Flowers in Cavan’s Hedgerows Spring 2011

Wild Flowers in Cavan’s Hedgerows

Our very cold winter has not effected the wild flowers in the hedgerows this Spring, in fact they seem to be doing better than ever. Primroses, Violets, Bluebells, Buttercups, Rocket and a white flower(don’t know the name) are flowering away in great displays.

Killykeen Forest Park, County Cavan

Took a walk through Killykeen Forest Park, outside Cavan Town last Sunday such a beautiful spot. Lots of bird life, wild flowers such as primroses and  bluebells. We spotted hundreds of tadpoles in one of  little streams along the walk. Walks are well mapped out on signs and are of varying lengths and grades, there is something to suit everyone.

Wild flowers in County Cavan


There is an  abundance of wild flowers in the hedgerows and fields of West Cavan at the moment.We have  lovely bunches of voilets down the lane from Lake Avenue House, and there are masses of  yellow primroses and butter cups all over.   


I don’t know the name for this white wild flower, it is very pretty and seems to grow in fields, near the river and in woodlands.

Primroses in County Cavan

With the  rise in temperature in the last week there is as people in Ireland would say “a growth on” . The daffodils are now in bloom and my favourite wild flower, the primrose ( Primula vulgaris )can now be seen in the hedgerows and fields of West  County Cavan.

These are photos taken on one of the lovely backroads we call the “cut-a-way” near Bawnboy.

Spring Flowers

I’m really enjoying my snowdrops now, they are in full bloom in a line down the avenue. Someone even asked me what fertilizer I use, I just told them a womans touch is the only thing for it. As the evenings are getting longer and Spring is in the air I am now looking forward to my first sighting of the primroses. These are a common sight in the hedgerows around here.

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