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Growing Fruit…Vegetables in Ireland

Growing Fruit…Vegetables in Cavan, Ireland

Ok so maybe Ireland hasn’t got sun splitting the stones, beautiful blue skies 365 days of the year, but what we do have is great land, great soil and weather that suits growing some of the best fruit and vegetables you will find any where in the world. And I hate to say it but we are even lucky to have so much rain…keeps everything growing and we never really have to worry about watering anything. Below are picture of some of the goodies we got from our garden this year, it is so nice to be able to walk out the back door pick some apples for a apple tart or veg for soup….we may not be self sufficient here at Lake Avenue House Bed and Breakfast but we are going in the right direction.

The Raspberries pictured below are new and were sown in early spring, they are late fruiting Raspberries and are just producing fruit now….hard to believe you can have fresh grown soft fruit in November

Ireland Reaching Out

Ireland Reaching Out Heard about this very interesting project on the John Murray Show , July 21st, 2011 on RTE Radio 1

Ireland Reaching Out  is an Irish-government sponsored project based on a simple idea. Instead of waiting for people of Irish heritage from around the world abroad to come to Ireland to trace their ancestry, the people of Ireland, organised parish by parish are going the other way; through national and local records, they are identifying who emigrated from Ireland, tracing them and their descendants across the world. In this way, local Irish communities can be expanded to virtual communities engaging all of their people worldwide.

Listened to the stories of different people from around the word who have been contacted by this project and have been  able to trace their Irish roots back to a local community and even to meet unknown relatives still living in Ireland


Bawnboy and Templeport Local Genealogical and Historical Data

Bawnboy and Templeport Local Genealogical and Historical Data

The 1901 and 1911 census of Ireland has created enormous intrest in genealogy in Ireland, but local Genealogical and Historical websites are also helping people to find information on their ancestors.

One such site is Bawnboy.com this sites contains a treasure trove of information on the people who lived in Bawnboy and Templeport  in the years gone by.

On its page Bawnboy and Templeport Local Genealogical and Historical Data you can find information on: Templeport Baptisms 1836-1920, Templeport & Bawnboy Poll book 1761, Graveyard Headstones Inscriptions St. Peter’s Church Templeport……plus much more. This site  will be of great help for people near and far to research their family tree. 

Irish Times.com:Travel guide votes Ireland top destination for 2011

 Frommer travel guide voted Ireland into first place for 2011

WHILE IRELAND’S financial reputation may have taken a severe dent, its reputation as a tourist destination has not been as badly hit. Readers of Frommer’s travel guides voted Ireland into first place as the top tourist destination for 2011 on its website Frommers.com.

Ireland knocked Paris off the top spot and was described by the guide as “the very tourist-friendly nation”.

Readers who nominated Ireland made comments such as “a magical destination in nearly every way” and “the rugged beauty of the island and its historic past enchant me”.

Another commented: “love the scenery, love the people. Had an excellent time when I was last there, but need more time”.

“Beer, castles, lush landscapes, and small enough to explore via bicycle or car,” summed up another tourist’s experience.

Frommer’s Irish highlights include sailing around the west coast, horseback riding in Donegal and drinking a hot whiskey in Davy Byrne’s pub. It recommends Newgrange, the Slieve Blooms, the Dublin Writers’ Museum, Cahir Castle, Glendalough, Powerscourt Gardens, kayaking in west Cork, cycling through Cork and Kerry and kissing the Blarney Stone. Read more….on IrishTimes.com

Spring/Summer Events at Bear Essentials 2010

Bear Essentials & Silver Bear Centre
Bawnboy, Co.Cavan
One Day Easter Workshop for children age 6 – 16
from 10am – 4pm on 1st of April
Sewing, cooking, baking, decorating and celebrating Easter.
 Craft & Cookery Summer School 12th – 15th of July 10am – 1pm
The aim of our craft summer school is to experience new skills especially skills in crafts like toy making, wood work, jewellery making, simple clothe design and also cooking & baking. Age 6 – 16

German Summer School for beginners,
including speech and German language,
German food and Culture age 6 – 16
19th – 22nd of July 10am – 1pm
Family or group activity in Teddy Bear Making
age 3 – 99.
Bear Essentials offers this workshop all year round in the unique Silver Bear Centre, surrounded by gardens, picnic area and play ground.
48 hour booking in advance is essential.
 Mob: 0877610537
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