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Spring Time Gardens in Cavan, Ireland

Amazing the growth and changes in the garden over the last two weeks, my daffodils are in full bloom and are just beautiful, lots of other flowers making an appearance as well. When we first moved home to Cavan 13 years ago my Mum brought me up about 2 buckets of her daffodil bulbs, we planted everywhere and anywhere around the house, every so often I lift the bulbs, split them and plant again. Looking at some of the large daffodil bunches outside today I know I will be kept busy later in the season lifting bulbs and replanting them. Love spring time in Ireland everything looks so fresh and new at this time of the year.

Winter Gardens 2011, Cavan, Ireland

Winter Gardens 2011, Cavan, Ireland 

Even though the days are getting colder, wetter and darker there is still lots of colour to be found in our garden at Lake Avenue House B&B. Below are just some of the plants and shrubs that shine at this time of the year.

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