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Banana Fudge Muffins

Don’t let the word  fudge in these brilliant and very easy to make muffins put you off, it is just golden syrup so they are not really sweet and when using whole  wheat flour or wheat bran they are really good for you.  I usually double up this recipe and it will make about 28 good-sized muffins.These muffins are very popular in my Bed and Breakfast both with my guests and my family, when baking they smell great, and are lovely both hot and cold. Another plus is that they freeze very well

Banana Fudge Muffins

5oz          butter melted

10oz        Plain Flour or (9 oz plain flour and 1 oz Odlums wheat bran or      8oz plain and 2oz whole wheat flour)

1tsp         Baking Flour

0.5tsp     Bread Soda

4oz          Castor sugar

3             Medium- ripe bananas

1tsp        Vanilla essences

1tablesp golden syrup

2             eggs 

  • Sieve Flour, baking flour, bread soda and castor sugar together into bowel.
  • Mash bananas, add vanilla, eggs and golden syrup.
  • Add banana mix to flour.
  • Fold in melted butter to mix.
  • Put into greased bun tins (makes 14-16 muffins)
  • Oven at 180c. Cook for 20-30mins 


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