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Templeport Lake, Co. Cavan October 2011

Templeport Lake, Bawnboy, Co. Cavan

Water, water everwhere. After a few days of very heavy rain  Templeport Lake is well up and has flowed into the nearby fields. It makes for a very pretty picture when the sun is shining.

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Cavan Town 2011 St. Patrick’s Day Parade

The Cavan town St. Patrick’s Day Parade will be streamed live on the internet on this Thursday. The parade takes place at 12.30pm this Thursday. The local launch of Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann also takes place before the launch from the viewing platform in the centre of the town.

M3 Motorway-Linking Dublin and Cavan

Big thumbs up for the new M3 motorway to Dublin, bypass Kells, Navan and Dunshaughlin no hassle getting to M50 or Dublin city centre. Took in the Natural History and Archaeology National Museums in Dublin, both free and just around the corner from each other. Lovely day

Cottage in County Leitrim

Spotted this cottage on a drive along Lough Rynn, Mohill, County Leitrim thought it was so pretty had to take a photo.

Hedgehog at Lake Avenue House

We found this hedgehog in our cattle grid at  Lake Avenue House today, we had a few in our garden about 3 years ago but had not seen any since, glad to see they are still around. It took us a while to get him out as no one wanted to get too close to his sharp strong spines.My children thought he was very cute with his little nose/snout and once he started to move we were all surprised at how fast he could go. He headed straight for our hedge and within seconds he had disappeared       

The Hedgehog or in Irish Gráinneog Hedgehogs are about ten inches long and are known to most of us ,by the strong sharp spines, which cover its back. It gets its name because it looks like a small pig or hog and it is found in hedges. The spines, which are usually white at the base, are about three quarters of an inch long and can number as many as 16,000. They act as a defence against flash-eating animals and other enemies when they get into a fight. If they are attacked, the hedgehog rolls   itself   into a ball to protect  it soft    under parts. The  spines which are really sharp strong  hairs, are useful   to   the animal  not  only for protecting  it self  but  also, as  a  cushion   if   the   animal falls from a height The hedgehog has a snout (or nose), which it uses to scent the insects, worms, slugs, snails and frogs, and young birds, which are its food.

It also eats fruit, eggs and young birds. If it can find no other food, it may sometimes eat the flesh of the dead animals. While the hedgehog is common through Ireland it is a very shy creature, it is found mostly in hedgerows, wood and gardens wherever there are plenty of leaves to hide under and insects to eat It can often be heard, sniffing its way through dry leaves in search of to make a clicking noise as it eats an insect or slug. Up to seven   young are born in nests of grass and moss. Theses nests are on   the ground in well-sheltered places, hedgerows   and   woods. Although blind   at birth, the young quickly learn to follow their mother in search of food. After   three   months they are fully-grown, there are usually two litters a year.

Like the bat, the hedgehog takes a long winter break. Before it settles in for the winter, it stores up fat in its   body by eating greedily and chooses a cosy, frost free sleeping place under a tree stump, a layer of leaves or even underground.

Primroses in County Cavan

With the  rise in temperature in the last week there is as people in Ireland would say “a growth on” . The daffodils are now in bloom and my favourite wild flower, the primrose ( Primula vulgaris )can now be seen in the hedgerows and fields of West  County Cavan.

These are photos taken on one of the lovely backroads we call the “cut-a-way” near Bawnboy.

Social Media Course in Blacklion

Just finished an excellent Social Media course in Blacklion, County Cavan. Social Media is all very new to me and this course was full of information on such social networks as Twitter, Facebook, Blogs to name but a few. The course was run by the West Cavan/West Fermanagh Regeneration Project and the tutor for the two nights was Johnny Beirne.

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