2011 Annual Boat Trip To St. Mogue’s Island

2011 Annual Boat Trip To St. Mogue’s Island

A lovely day was had at the St. Mogue’s annual boat trip. All the usual day trippers were there as well as plenty of new faces. The trip in previous years had proved to be very popular however this year its popularity was brought to a new level. Queues reached right back to the fences, and each boat that set sail was full to the brim. It’s not usually this busy, believe me, I have been going for several years now. However this year was different, the new boat house that had just after been finished was opening and the official launch of a new book on St. Mogue and the Island was being launched. Several speeches were made and prayers were said by candidates of Catholic, Buddhist and the Church of Ireland communities. All this was followed by the official opening, where Johnny Mc Keirnan, special Olympic gold medalist cut the ribbon.

The boats then began ferrying people out to the Island where prayers were said at the graves of loved ones and St. Mogues clay, thought to have special protecting powers, was scraped out of the ruins of the church that St. Mogue had built all those years ago.                                                                                                                                                                                                                         As we crossed back over to the boat house we saw just how many people had turned out for the day. The queues had gotten even larger and cars were still coming down the lane.

All in All a good day was had by everyone

~to see more pictures of the day please follow the link to Lake Avenue House  facebook page


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